Saturday, June 9, 2018

Nerdy For Thirty Let's Play - Landstalker

Check out my new Let's Play video for Landstalker on Sega Genesis from 1993. Landstalker is an action RPG with platforming, and it is one of the best games on the Sega Genesis. If you like games like Link To The Past and Beyond Oasis you will right at home with this game. Beautiful graphics, tight combat and challenging platforming are coupled with great puzzles and a charming witt, make for a classic game that is still fun to play.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

New Episode! Podcast about Podcasts.

So its been a few months since I last uploaded a Nerdy For Thirty Podcast, and in that time I have obsessed on what to make the next podcast about. I went through many ideas, some of which will be turned into future episodes someday..............

This episode comes on the heels of me taking a great vacation to New Mexico as well as seeing some interesting new media (movies, TV shows), and playing some new video games . But I wanted to do something different. Something that I have never done before. I wanted to tackle a more common subject in a serious discussion and see what I could do with it, but then the only question I had left to answer was "what will the subject be".

Then inspiration hit me. I would make a podcast about the very thing I love most of all. Podcasts. Why do I like podcasts? What inspired me to make one? What kind of podcasts do I recommend? How do I start my own podcast. These are just some of the many questions that filled my brain. The subject was set, all I had to do was come up with the content.

Then I thought a little about the content. My last podcast was audio that played over a recording of game footage and I tacked on a review of said game to justify the footage. This did not go over well. I got a lot of complaints that the podcast was hard to follow due to the game footage being too distracting, so for this outing I simply added a still image to see if it makes the podcast easier to listen to.  I also tried to stick to the subject without adding any extra content to make it more "Nerdy".

So here are the results. A podcast about podcasts. Also recorded on my new condenser microphone so hopefully the audio quality is much better then previous episodes. Hopefully you enjoy!

Thanks for reading, listening, watching, liking or whatever you may do to support!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Nerdy For Thirty Podcast Episode 13!

Chris Redfield owns the podcast today with "Redfield's Rants." A segment where Chris rants about current events. This episode was fun to record as Chris had some epic rants about such topics as Trump, the Las Vegas tragedy, NFL players taking a knee, gun control, health insurance and even Yeezys. Also iamrickhunter goes over the bundled games in his Steam library that have never been played. Game hoarding in the digital age. Please support our podcast with listens. We don't want money we just want to be heard. Thank you for all of your support! Like and subscribe on soundcloud.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Stepping out of your comfort zone. (New Job)

Today was the last day I worked at IHOP. It was a fun ride, but I had to step off at some point. Sometimes, when you are good at something, you start too feel like you can not be successful unless  you stick with that formula. You may begin to doubt if you can change paths, roles, careers or what ever.

Today I am taking a risk and treading on new ground, going forth into the unknown or at least the unbeknownst by me. I am shedding my role as general manager of a fast casual breakfast dinner and trying something new.

I will be training for some time. Roughly 6 weeks. After which time I step foot into a new market One I have only ever dipped my toe in. My new venture will carry some risk, but hopefully yield great reward.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, when my day will begin with a new task, a new challenge and new skills to master.

To those I left behind at Ihop, stay positive. Be great. Try to live by the example that I attempted to set for you all. Hard work and professionalism do pay off in the long run.

To my wife, thank you for allowing me to chase my dreams and pursue my goals in business. Without your support and your love I would have no voice and no back bone. I will be home soon.

Thanks to all for helping get me this far! I love you all for standing behind me!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nerdy For Thirty Episode 11 (Father's Day)

Sometimes a love of gaming actually comes from your parents. Chris and I's Father Rick was always a technology buff and helped Chris and I explore our love of gaming when we were still kids and he  still follows gaming tech very closely. He bought me my first Nintendo and wouldn't let Chris settle for a shitty Xbox, he HAD to get a PS3. He also supported me getting the Sega CD and recently purchased a VR headset to show off the tech.

Chris and I had a great time going over memories of years past during this show and we also go over the new developments at the E3 Expo. This was a tough episode to record as I was losing my voice but we hung in there and clocked in nearly an hour of talk when we were only going for thirty minutes.

As always for those who listen you are very much appreciated. We do this for the love of podcasting and because we love to hear ourselves talk, but when we get feedback it means all the world to us so don't be shy about telling us what you think or offering an opinion. It will only help us get better.

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